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Minimalism Cheat Sheet: Let's Not Overcomplicate Things

The minimalist lifestyle has really boomed over the past years.

With Time naming Zenhabits the best blog of the year, and countless search results under the term "minimalist blog", the minimalist lifestyle has really gotten a hold of the general internet-centric public.

Minimalism's appeal is direct and straightforward. Wanting less and appreciating more makes your life more abundant. You have less needs and desires to fulfill, and you have more freedom because you do not invest your time and resources into too many endeavors. You have more space to be happy.

Minimalism's success is mainly due to mindfulness- being conscious of why you are doing what you are doing.Without mindfulness, minimalism is just a bible you consult without truly knowing why and without truly reaping the benefits.

There are so many minimalism blogs and so many subscribers. Really, though. Do you need to constantly read up on something so simple as being mindful? Do you constantly need to read an a…

How to Lose Weight and Get the Body You Want the Easy Way Part 1

Losing weight can be a very frustrating endeavor, but with the right attitude, you can lose weight whilst maintaining a positive, accepting attitude. Using a few simple strategies, you can lose weight without ever obsessing about it. Before such strategies are covered, we must explore a few perspective shifts that will allow for an easier transition between suffering to lose weight and allowing yourself to shed off those pounds.

Stop Setting Yourself Up for Disappointment

Upon deciding to lose weight, many people are hit with a huge wave of enthusiasm and motivation. They feel extremely dedicated to their weight loss goals and they adopt an extreme shift in their lifestyle.
They spend an hour and a half at the gym and follow a very strict eating plan....for a few days.
Once the initial wave of motivation dies down, many people find that they can not sustain such an extreme lifestyle, especially one that promotes habits and routines that seem alien to their previous lifestyles. This often …

How to Stop Being Suspicious In a Relationship

Being in a serious relationship leads to developing a very close bond with your partner. No matter how tight, close, and totally open with each other you'd like to be, there will always be a need for some extent of distance between you and your partner. This space is scary for some people.

When some people give their partner space, or at least their idea of what space should be, they start to feel negative feelings and regret. They feel paranoid, at a loss of control, and suspicious. These negative emotions actually create distance, but of a very different kind. This distance encourages the lack of empathy, love, and kindness that genuine closeness facilitates. In order to create the right kind of distance and maintain true closeness, partners must be able to give each other space.

What Is Space?
Different partners require different levels of space and freedom. This freedom does not mean that your partner will cheat on you or do anything to threaten your relationship. Instead, this f…