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Can't Trust Anyone? Does Everyone Let You Down? Do You Hate People? How Limiting Beliefs Hurt Your Social Life

One of the most limiting beliefs that people may invest in is the belief that others are trying to bring them down and limit them. While this realization is necessary and helpful in recognizing an abusive relationship, this belief is otherwise useless and needs to be dropped. It is time to move on.

Everyone is on different stages of the healing path. The path can't be rushed or forced, but it can be encouraged. I am here to encourage you to get out of a certain rut on the path that dictates that you will come across more and more interactions/relationships that continue to disappoint you.

If you have the belief that other people can't handle you or that other people are just trying to bring you down/ dim your light, then you're going to be proved right. If you're tired of being proven right, then stop the belief.

Why You Formed The Belief
It couldn't hurt to wonder why you formed and adopted the belief in the first place.

Did you just get out of a slew of bad relationsh…