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How to Deal With a Breakup

Breakups can be really tough. When you break up with someone you were really emotionally, mentally, physically, and maybe even spiritually attached to, it can feel like half of you is missing. You can feel lost and confused and drained. You can feel anxious and tired and you can feel extremely hurt.

Dealing with the pain of a breakup is a delicate task. Breakups put you into a pretty fragile position- you may feel overly sensitive or you might try to hide your sensitivity by doing the total opposite and pretending that you don't care and overcompensating by "living it up." This fragile state means that you really need to care of yourself and be gentle and easy with yourself. You also need to exercise clarity and focus as to getting back on your feet and walking the path of happiness once again. Walking this path means that you must partake in a great deal of inner confrontation, healing, and release. I hope this article helps you with that.

Asking Yourself Why It Happened

How to Deal With Feelings of Futility and Heavy Emotions

Sometimes we just don't see the point in doing anything, anymore. We assess our lives in a way that capitalizes the temporal, impermanent, and consumerist nature of our lives. We focus on our failures or lack of success or lack of satisfaction and fulfillment. This can lead us to feel lonely, hopeless, or especially fed up with how our lives have turned out. Feeling this way is perfectly okay; it is a natural mindset and mood that visits us from time to time, some more than others. These feelings can serve a purpose- they can help us align with a reality and way of life more conducive to total acceptance and inner peace. These feelings can also help us transcend former realities where we were existing in acceptance and peace but have outlived our stay. In order to allow these emotions to help us grow more into life, we need to learn how to interact with them.

Remember Even These Feelings Are Impermanent
Throughout of day to day lives, we often feeling a sort of "medium" le…

How to be More Calm and Peaceful

Emotions and changes in emotions, as well as changes in our mental, physical, and spiritual states, are all very important and crucial to our human experience. We need to experience that change to grow and explore and expand, but if we only live in a state of volatile change, we will never truly grow and expand because we have weak roots. A tree without strong roots just falls over and is knocked out of the ground- it is uprooted. Without its roots securely planted in the ground, the tree loses its source of stability and nourishment- therefore it ceases to grow and dies. But a strong tree with deep roots can withstand the changes in weather and seasons and continue to stand tall and grow and provide its uses and beauty to the world.

I believe that a state of calm and peace is linked to a stable grounding. One with deep roots can withstand many changes in condition- but one with deep roots is also still enough to feel the tiniest changes and derive whatever needs to be derived from tho…

How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is inevitable- it is totally normal for people to not want to start a project immediately. Sometimes we put things off until the last minute and hopefully, it is forgivable and not too detrimental to our jobs/goals when we do procrastinate. Still, some people are chronic procrastinators who always put things off until the very last minute. If you are a chronic procrastinator or would like to avoid the onset of chronic procrastination, this article is for you.

Why Do We Procrastinate? There are many reasons to procrastinate and listing those reasons would be a valid excuse to procrastinate for some people. Yet the two most common and fundamental reasons I find are that people either don't want to do something or are afraid/unsure of how to approach it. 
You Honestly Don't Want to Do It Sometimes we really don't want to do something. For example, some people really hate doing chores because they find them so mundane, so they will put off doing chores until they c…