How to Deal With Feelings of Futility and Heavy Emotions

Sometimes we just don't see the point in doing anything, anymore. We assess our lives in a way that capitalizes the temporal, impermanent, and consumerist nature of our lives. We focus on our failures or lack of success or lack of satisfaction and fulfillment. This can lead us to feel lonely, hopeless, or especially fed up with how our lives have turned out. Feeling this way is perfectly okay; it is a natural mindset and mood that visits us from time to time, some more than others. These feelings can serve a purpose- they can help us align with a reality and way of life more conducive to total acceptance and inner peace. These feelings can also help us transcend former realities where we were existing in acceptance and peace but have outlived our stay. In order to allow these emotions to help us grow more into life, we need to learn how to interact with them.

Remember Even These Feelings Are Impermanent
Throughout of day to day lives, we often feeling a sort of "medium" level of emotion- a neutral point. This is how you feel when you are going about your daily chores or errands or are very focused/engaged in an activity or task. This is a meditative state which is completely adjusted to your settings. When we feel deep emotion, like feelings of futility, it often brings us out of our meditative balanced state and it has much more impact on us. Just know that you will sooner than later go back to your medium, balanced state of emotion where you will be able to move more easily to the point that you don't even have to think about moving easily.

Now, when we find ourselves outside of this ease, we can try to introduce ease. When we feel that heavy emotion of futility, we can try to "move" instead of allowing the feeling to render us crushed and immobile. Just like we can breathe through a difficult phase of our daily activities, we can breathe through this feeling. Don't try to consciously search for ease- just allow ease to come to you and allow yourself to receive ease. This won't make sense unless you've experienced this before or are in the moment experiencing it, but do try to remember to let ease in whenever deep emotions make you feel stuck and heavy. Release the tension and allow ease in, and the deep emotions will naturally dissolve and you can more easily get to their root and read their messages clearly.

Interpreting The Message
When we feel that deep sense of futility, it is often due to a lack of focus or clarity in life- a lack of alignment. We feel this sense of futility when we fail to nurture our true, natural expression. When our hearts our closed and our innocent, playful inner child is suppressed, we feel these heavy emotions. Maybe we need to nurture ourselves more. Maybe be need to stop bombarding ourselves with excess sources of stress. Maybe we need to create more time and space in our daily lives to explore our inner creativity, joy, and talents. Maybe we need to take the time to find beauty within ourselves and throughout the world and in other people.
This journey of introspection is best traveled with that same receptivity to ease and space. Allow your inner child to speak louder- allow that curious, playful, and shameless part of you to flourish once again. Just say yes to this part of you and allow yourself to make room within your heart and mind and attention to really nurture this aspect of you.

Heavy emotions will come up through out life, but we can always breathe through them. Allow yourself to flow with ease and grace through these currents and you will be able to really hear the messages and wisdoms life and your body, heart, mind, and soul have to tell you.

All the love,


  1. Thank you for writing this. I have a panic disorder which turns my brain upside down when I don't get enough sleep or I'm under extreme duress. Luckily I don't have to deal with it very often, but this week has been especially difficult for me. Upsetting thoughts are part of my disorder, and the "bad thought" that currently has me in a choke hold is a feeling of futility. On a side note... when I am not in the grips of panic, this thought doesn't even cross my mind -- and if it did, I would be able to dismiss it easily. But when I am vulnerable, I can't see any argument otherwise, and it terrifies me.

    Your advice was very comforting to read. When I get in a bad frame of mind I should get out of my own head and try to focus on all of the things I love around me. So, thank you for providing that advice. Maybe next time I have a panic attack it won't be so scary.

    1. Deb,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm really glad to hear that you don't feel this way all the time. I hope you live a life full of well rested nights and little stress. You sound very strong. Reminders of love and losing yourself in something uplifting is always a good idea.

      Best of luck and all the love,



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