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How to Find Balance and Ground Yourself

We all can feel lost and distracted in life. Our focus can become distorted and our flow can be disrupted by trivial mind chatter and meaningless novelty. This state of confusion and interruption is caused by a lack of grounding. If we take the time to ground ourselves and "calibrate" our moods and thoughts, we can reclaim the clarity and inner peace essential to a happy existence.

Are You Approaching Life in An Imbalanced Way?

Sometimes our goals and ideals cause us to behave in ways that actually lead us to deviate from those very ideals. We may value success, but we go about trying to pursue that success in a way that causes us to suffer and utterly miss the fruits of our labor. We may value some sort of social ideal, such as the ideal of a perfect lady, but we might lose ourselves and deny ourselves of our true essence while trying to fit the ideal.

So as not to lose ourselves in the pursuit of our goals and ideals, we must ground ourselves. When we ground ourselves, each s…

How to Deal With Wanting to Be More Than Friends: In Love With Your Best Friend

Sometimes we develop very deep feelings for people we have already established wonderful friendships with. This is natural- you get to know somebody whose company you really enjoy and someday you realize that you want to be more than friends. Maybe you've always wanted to be more than friends. Maybe you can't stop seeing them as someone you want to spend a great deal of your time, or maybe even your life, with. Maybe you find yourself constantly thinking about them, wishing they were with you. Maybe you spend a great deal of your time thinking of ways to make them happy, or maybe even thinking of ways to confess your feelings.

But maybe you don't want to ruin a great friendship.

Like all important decisions in life, you need to ask yourself a few essential questions.

Are You Willing to Take the Risk?
Are you willing to take the risk of telling your friend about your true feelings knowing that they might reject you or that your friendship might end?

Sometimes when one friend doe…