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Stop Obsessing Over Your Twin Flame

Hello everyone. I know I haven't posted in a while; I have spent quite some time learning and integrating new perspective and perceptions. I'm ready again to offer my writing to the world so stay tuned for more regularly updated blogs. :)

Anyway, today I feel the absolute need to talk about twin flames. This concept has spread exponentially in the past few years. The obsession with soul mates and the One has shifted towards that of the twin flame- that other half of one's soul who holds the key to ultimate growth, potential, and purpose.

I am all for love, deep relationships, and growth. I am also for balance and being completely honest with ourselves. It seems that the human propensity for unnecessary control and an unwillingness to let life (and love relationships) flow organically has sneakily shape-shifted itself into the rather obsessive approach towards twin flames that is quite prevalent in the participating community.

Many are desperate to know whether the person …