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How to Stop Thinking About Someone

Sometimes we meet certain people who cause us to fall into infatuation or even obsession over them. They possess certain special qualities and make us feel certain special ways that are extremely fascinating and enjoyable to us. Some of us are more prone to this kind of behavior- the "hopeless romantics" and the ones who "fall in love" at first sight are very well experienced with this sort of pattern.

This infatuation is natural but sometimes it gets to a point where it is crippling. We can no longer focus on our daily life and our plans and days revolve around that person- whether directly or indirectly. We dream and daydream about them, they are our first thoughts in the morning and the last thoughts before we fall asleep.

This endless thinking soon turns into aggravation and disappointment- we over-analyze everything they do and show up at places we expect them to be, then feel utterly idiotic and creepy for making such an effort to bump into them. The cute bubbl…

How to Stop Being Insecure

Insecurity is a mindset that plagues all of us. It can be extremely limiting and can cause us to do the strangest, most outlandish things to gain validation and assurance. Insecurity is a weakness that we must accept, observe, and heal in order to free ourselves from the limits we've imposed upon our lives based on beliefs of inadequacy and lack of confidence.

What is Insecurity?
Insecurity is the feeling inadequacy. Most of the time, these feelings of inadequacy are caused by the act of comparison. We compare ourselves- our bodies, abilities, looks, emotions, etc. to others. We make life a competition or a rating scheme. We assign value to our aspects and abilities on a relative scale and then we make it personal. We become those assigned values. We reduce others to those assigned values. Instead of recognizing ourselves and others are growing beings, we reduce them to a stagnant mass of different levels of quality/quantity/ability/etc. Then we take that perspective and try to get …

How to Find Your Soul Mate and Why You Should Stop Looking

Some of you have this idea that your soul mate will save you from your own unhappiness. Some of you have this idea that you can magically manifest your ideal relationship through the use of vision boards, positive affirmations, and detailed lists of traits you look for in a partner. Some of you will get exactly what you ask for- which would be affirmation and reinforcements of your beliefs. If you believe your soulmate will make you forget your own unhappiness- you will....temporarily. If you believe your ideal partner will share a blissful, wonderful, balanced, conscious relationship with you, you will....temporarily.

The whole point of this article is to illustrate the flaws and incoherent ideas regarding the search for the soulmate. I am not a cynic, but I do believe that if you are fervently searching for a soulmate- you have personal aspects that need tending to first and foremost.

Your Soul Mate Will Not Complete You
Nobody in this world will truly complete you because you are alre…