The Start

I've failed at blogging many times before.
This failure was not due to a lack of inspiration or will to write,
rather, this failure was due to the lack of purpose and value.
I've finally figured out how to integrate the aspects of my creative writing with my practical knowledge and intuitive sense of value.

I'm going to share the many, many ways I make the most of my life. Sometimes these methods require a solo act, more often, they require a sense of community, or at the very least, partnership. Our world is already a bit isolated, I feel no need to contribute to the increasing levels of social ineptitude.
Basically, I'm going to provide knowledge and instruction which will hopefully help anyone increase their enjoyment with others- happiness is meant to be shared.

So here's to being excellent to each other and excellent to ourselves.
Above all else, here's to being ridiculously good at life.



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