Change Your Mood, Change Your Life: How to Shift Your Energy

With every new moment we have a choice- we can either hold onto the past, brace ourselves for the future, or we can be fully in the moment. In the moment we exist without attachments, without expectations- we experience the moment so fully that the possibilities open up and we can sense the subtleties of life and follow the vibes that resonate with us.

Yet most people forget that they have the choice and opportunity to be in the moment and experience different feelings and energy. People become chronically stressed because they hold on to past mistakes and fears just as tightly as they hold onto worry and anxiety. Stress clouds the heart and mind and separates us from feeling the happiness and peace that is always available.

Although the damage caused by past hurts and chronic stress must be healed in the moment, the healing is also accompanied with peace, happiness, or release. Stress is not accompanied with happiness- neither is fear or worry or depression or insecurity. These draining emotions, although useful for communicating the presence of a problem or issue, can consume one very easily and take over one's mood. Once their mood is taken over, these negative problems spread onto taking over someone's attitude, then their view on life, until it becomes their primary mode of existence. Some people constantly feel these draining emotions.

Yet some people constantly feel energizing emotions. Some people's auras are abundant with happiness, gratitude, and joy- they overflow with positive energy and they are truly happy with themselves and where they are at the moment. These people still come across obstacles and failure, but they choose to learn from these difficulties and adapt with their new knowledge instead of allowing setbacks and stress to take over their existence.

So how do you start allowing these energizing emotions to course through you? How do you put an end to negating thoughts and draining feelings of doubt? 

You choose to.

Instead of allowing yourself to react to situations in your usual pattern, instead decide that you will respond to a situation. Decide whether or not you will allow the situation to make you feel helpless, or decide that you will find opportunities to exert your personal will and effort. 

You must be vigilant in deciding to respond instead of react. You have to commit to the new lifestyle- it truly is a new way of living. Once you stop reacting subconsciously, you will find that you experience life with a fullness and presence you had not thought possible before. 

As you practice being responsible for your emotions and thoughts, you will cultivate emotional strength and wisdom. As you repeatedly exert your self control during otherwise stressful situations, you will find that the small things that used to ruin your mood no longer bother you. You will develop emotional resilience and you will become more adaptive and understand because you will continuously operate with peace of mind.

You will dissolve constant emotional and mental tension and allow your thoughts and feelings to make themselves known to you in a relaxed manner. Do not judge your emotions or thoughts- acknowledge them, but decide whether or not you want to form an attachment to them or if they merely need to be released.

No one can do this for you. No one can decide to live your life in the present except for you. It is simple but it is life changing and completely effective. Your thoughts and emotions create your life- by choosing which thoughts and emotions you wish to respond to and with, you create your life consciously.

When you create your life consciously, you create your happiness and well-being consciously.

Do yourself a favor and exercise your right to respond to situations in the present, instead of reacting based on past worries and future anxieties.

Be well and find insight through self discovery and mindfulness.



  1. Hey Wynona, love your blog. Is there any way you could make a post about getting over your girlfriend/boyfriend's sexual past? Would love to read your thoughts on the matter.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback :)
      And yes, I would be delighted to elaborate upon that topic! Thank you for the suggestion, and have an excellent day :)


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