Personal Consultations and Coaching

The new year is coming around and I would like to remind all of my readers that I do offer consultation services based on a donations basis. Click on the Personal Consultation tab on my blog to find out more about this service I am offering.

If you have any issue(s) that you feel you might be able to handle with the right support, insight, and perspective, I am confident that I can provide. I am highly sensitive and observant to any details and I assure you that your privacy is fully protected.

I can offer one on one coaching if that is what you need, including regularly scheduled calls/Skype sessions if that is the service that is right for you. I emphasize the importance of finding an approach that is right for every client, and I am highly flexible to all your needs. My top priority is making sure you work through any issues with more than enough guidance and support to help you thrive.

I look forward to working with all of you.

Warmly with love,


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