Why You Should Write A List of What You Want in Life and Why You Should ASK

Hey everyone! I hope all is well and that you are all at peace and in the moment, enjoying life through your mind, body, heart, and spirit :) I just felt really inspired to share some thoughts about focusing on what you want in life. Sometimes we ask ourselves, hey, what do I actually want in life? And sometimes, we honestly don't know. I think a lot of the times we don't know is because we forget about what we love and what makes life fun, because I truly do believe that life is meant to be fun and joyous and utterly fulfilling.

I encourage you to write a list of what you want in life- what enthralls you, what comforts you, what thrills you. You don't have to know why or how these things might happen, but you do have to put yourself in a good place and really listen to your heart. Ask yourself what you want in life when you're having fun and in good spirits, with good company or in peaceful solitude. Allow your imagination to run without rules and don't let doubt or ideas of rationality or probability get in the way of really exploring your heart's desires.

Write a list of what you want in life. If you need an example, here is mine!

What I Want To Experience:

Dear Universe, I would love to:
Star in a principal role in a major blockbuster movie
Write songs and record vocals for a beautiful album with talented musicians
Write more articles that really touch and move people and help them feel amazing and great
Learn how to cook Thai and Indian food from an expert
Grow my own vegetable and fruit garden that can feed my entire family and other families
Start a school in the Philippines that teaches skills for free so that people can get hired and work jobs
Donate a million dollars to a charity I truly believe in
Start my own microbrewery and fermentation plant
Practice aerial partner yoga with wonderful people
Learn how to perform on aerial silks
Open up my own solar powdered coffee roasting cafe

These are just some things I truly, genuinely would love to do and experience! I can see myself doing them because I admit that I really do want to experience these things and I have total faith that the Universe provides me with everything I truly want and need. I'm not afraid to ask for what I want!

If your faith needs a little bit of refreshing, write a list of things you have experienced that seem miraculous to you in retrospect. Here is mine!

Living in my current beautiful spot of town, close to nature and the city, and getting here from having lived in a tiny, tiny town halfway across the world.
Having straight teeth without braces even though the dentist said there was a 90% chance my front teeth would always be extremely gapped and crooked.
Pursuing a science degree at a great university notorious for their amazing science classes despite only having taken 2 AP classes in English during high school without any background in chemistry.
Having an insanely great relationship with best friends that are heaven sent.
Making money by being slightly studied! (Research participation for the win.)
Being able to write this blog and hear from readers who appreciate what I do and knowing that I am serving others.
Interning at 2 leading national companies so far.
Being a part of a tight knit, loving family.
The list goes on and on.

 My life is a miracle, and I am so grateful.If you feel bad writing this list or sharing it because you think it is considered bragging, don't give up! It isn't bragging if you admit that the Universe is what made this all possible. Stop thinking in terms of deserving and not deserving and try to think in terms of what energy your giving out. The entire universe is made of energy!  You get what you give! If you give out positive, loving vibes to yourself and to the world, the world gives it back to you. The world is a mysterious place, and ultimately I believe the world and life is on our side and wants us to enjoy life. So be grateful and pour love into your moments and into your life and the love will overflow and your life will be a great experience of happiness and joy and alignment.

All the love,


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