How to Find Balance and Sustain It

Balance is the key to a happy life. When we allow ourselves to stay grounded, we allow ourselves to grow deeper and taller. A determinant factor in our happiness is the balance of our energy. Our energy includes the way we think, act, speak, and how much time and attention we allot to various areas of our life. Balanced energy is never stagnant energy- there is always an input and output, there is always an inward flow and an outward flow.

When we become too focused in the inward flow, we become hoarders. We become scared that we will lose and we believe there is not enough abundance to go around, so we try to take and take and keep it all without giving any away. We can not exhale and there is no release, just build up.

When we become too focused on the outward flow, we lose our grounding. We do not allow ourselves to receive and only push ourselves to give, so we lose our power and allow our energy to dissipate without proper renewal and nourishment. We can not inhale and there is no growth, just out pour and soon we feel empty.

We can become imbalanced in any aspect of our life. Our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial lives need balance in order to thrive. In order to find balance, we must observe our relationship with our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial lives and be honest about our beliefs regarding the flow of energy,

Conflicting beliefs often cause a great deal of stagnation and imbalance. In-authenticity and fear-driven beliefs also cause disharmony. It is our jobs to pay attention to our thoughts and observe what we have programmed our minds to play for our day in and day out. We think tens of thousands of thoughts in a day, and we subconsciously say yes to further developing those thoughts the more we allow them to play on in our brains. In order to take a more pro-active approach to balance, we must exercise our abilities to choose which thoughts we give our energy to and which thoughts we should stop feeding.

As we gain more control of our thoughts by controlling our attention and commitment to those thoughts, we can direct our thoughts to support balance.

 If you think mostly of losing money, you will probably be hoarding money to the best of your ability. You are suffocating yourself financially. Stop thinking of losing money and start thinking of appreciating money and financial abundance and a healthy input and output of money.

If you think mostly of being cheated on, you will try to hoard your partner's attention and energy and you will suffocate your relationship. Stop thinking of being cheated on and start thinking of appreciating your relationship, your partner, and healthy boundaries that can exist between you and within you.

Balance is also a game of growth. One day you might find it hard to balance on one foot, but you can ease into that until it is effortless. In the future you might find it hard to balance on your hands, but you can also practice that balancing act until it too becomes easy. You will always grow and your balancing points will continue to expand and so is life and so is happiness. Your inner nature wants to expand to reach new balancing points and it also likes the satisfaction and security of laying back and enjoying what has already been developed.

So look within and observe, breathe deeply and pay attention to your thoughts and energy. Don't get too caught up on the exact numbers of the balancing- you don't need to calculate everything to a T. Balance requires flexibility and adaptability, and the more you exercise these traits the better your life becomes.

Happy Sunday everyone. I wish you all an enjoyable journey.



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