No One Can Steal Your Energy and Energy Vampires Don't Exist

I take public transportation quite frequently, and one thing that I have noticed is that people love to stare. I can honestly say that I am the recipient of unwanted attention in the form of long-held staring. Fortunately, this staring never transpires into anything more, but the act still annoys me. The issue I have with staring is that it often comes with unnecessary projections and emotions- that's why you can feel when someone glares at you angrily or watches you with pleading eyes. Staring, like all other actions, involves its own dance of energy, and a quite unequal dance at that. Although we can't control who decides to stare at us, we can control the way we respond to these unwanted energies.

One of the most un-grounding decisions we can make as human beings is to accuse others of being energy vampires. To believe that others are capable of stealing our energy is to give up our own personal power and blame the world for the way we feel inside and the way we tell the world how we would like to be treated. The most dangerous part of the concept of energy vampirism is how easy it is the believe it. It is so much easier to blame others for our lack of energy, and it is so much easier to assume that others our controlling us at a subconscious level. It is so much easier to blame society for our lack of happiness- and that is why this concept of energy vampirism is so easily adopted by many.
Energy vampirism can also cause someone to blame themselves for imaginary wrongdoings and condemn ourselves for doing what we naturally like. A ridiculous article I read suggested that the way we choose to dress can be, heaven forbid, appealing, and that appeal upsets the energies of others and causes us to steal energy. Someone susceptible to self condemnation can buy into this and quickly turn themselves into a miserable wreck by over-analyzing all of their life choices and living in a constant state of fear and paranoia that they might be stealing the energies of others and that inside of them is something hideous because they subconsciously act in ways to steal the energy of others.

The concept of energy vampirism is rooted entirely in fear- it assumes that the world and even ourselves, can not be trusted, and that we have no control over the way we feel. The concept of energy vampirism encourages us to give away our personal power. This is a blatant lie- NO ONE CAN STEAL YOUR ENERGY. Your energy is yours.

You can choose to give your energy away and you can choose to adopt beliefs that make it so much easier to give in to the will of others. You can give your power away by blaming the world and distract yourself from your own internal responsbilities by adopting a paranoid lifestyle involving constant vigilance in energy transactions between you and the world. You can choose to live in a constant state of tension an distruct because you need to protect your energy and you can watch your actions meticulously and question every motive and behavior you express wondering if something hideous in your unconscious is trying to steal energy from others.

Although it is true that humans are generally social creatures who are happier when we have intimate connections with others, our energy is ours. If someone around is tense and angry, they are not stealing our energy and causing us to descend into a similar state of tension and anger- we are simply feeling how they feel because we have EMPATHY. To live only through empathy is to distract ourselves from ourselves and live through the emotions and feelings of others- we have to find balance and we have to be aware of both. We have to be aware of how we feel, how those around us feel, and we have to know how to exercise healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries are set by focusing inwards and listening to our inner voice instead of getting lost in the sea of others' emotions and feelings and thoughts. If we become lost is that sea, we lose our roots and we give our lives away to the current created by others because we believe that is the only choice we have.

We can not be happy by living in a world only of ourselves or centered completely on others, We need to integrate ourselves and assume our own place in both spheres to reach balance. This balance is dynamic and life is ever-changing, and to maneuver through live with empowerment and awareness, we have to feel both worlds and know both worlds. We must release resistance to both worlds and that is how we forge our desired path.

It is so easy to over think and analyze these concepts. Please know that it really isn't necessary, Feel through your emotions, take note of how others feel through your empathy but don't get lost in it. Always come back to your center, reside in your center. The more you reside in your center, the strong and more supported and expansive your center becomes. No one can steal your energy or power. Assert your own power. Make it known when you don't like something and don't blame others for how you feel. No one is stealing your energy. No one can steal your energy.

There are so many topics this post can touch upon, but I will conclude by emphasizing the fact that you are much better off in life to forget the concept of energy vampires and realize your own power.

Have a good day.


  1. My energy,ideas, achievements,are mine. I won't share them for free to strangers. It comes at a price tag now


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