How to Find Someone to Talk To

Hello everyone.

I want to share something very important to me. As you can tell from my blog, I really care about personal issues and hardships and getting through our emotions to find a place of inner peace.

I am currently in the progress if fulfilling an internship with a non-profit called 7 Cups of Tea, a site where you can anonymously chat with trained active listeners who will listen to you non-judgmentally and help you work through your feelings.

It is all FREE and your conversations will not be recorded.

Please check it out and use my referral link (referrals are needed for my internship.)

I might even chat with you there!



  1. i love 7 cups of tea i tried clicking on your link however I cannot find you to send you a message. i loved your article about not being a controlling partner I feel as if you were watching my relationship and how controlling i am


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